Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mammoth Cave, KY - 1 Lifer!

This past week, my family and I travelled down to Mammoth Cave, KY to spend the week camping and getting closer to the natural world. We had a wonderful time and was able to see some things that really inspired my kids. Here are a few pictures from our week!

Summer Tanager... Mammoth Cave, KY. Believe it or not, I had yet to see this gorgeous bird. In fact, this was a target bird for me on this trip. I actually saw two, one near our campsite, a female, and this awesome male at the Park. This made my 401st Life Bird!
Bumblebee!... Mammoth Cave, KY. I have come to really like this insect over the past few years. Along with Honeybees, they are extremely hard workers and are very focused on their work. They are so busy that I can put a camera lens almost completely on top of them and they seem to care less.

Wild Turkeys... Mammoth Cave, KY. These two birds were the National Park Welcoming Committee. The were right at the entrance and didn't move much.

An active Bat hibernating cave... Mammoth Cave, KY... too cool!

The sign in front of the cave! I love to see these type of signs!
Red-spotted Purple... Jellystone Park, Mammoth Cave, KY. I chased this butterfly some ways before finally being able to get a picture of it. This picture doesn't do it much justice - a beautiful butterfly.

Wood Thrush... Mammoth Cave, KY. These birds are commonly found flipping through leaves and scrounging among the forest floor looking for insects. This one did a great job posing for me. As you can see, he blends very well within his surroundings.

Black Rate Snake... Mammoth Cave, KY. This snake was just off the trail sunning in a tree. I am pretty sure it is a Rat Snake.

Eastern Box Turtle... Mammoth Cave, KY. This little turtle was found just along one of the trails. He was about the size of a 1/2 dollar. Very cute.

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Kelly said...

I haven't been able to get a photo of either tanagers. Yours is lovely. You have me itching to go down to Mammoth Cave (I'd like to see that bat sign too). I've tried to get down there for the past two autumns, but something comes up. Last year we ended up at Jenny Wiley instead (which is really cool too). Your life list has grown by leaps and bounds!!

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