Sunday, February 24, 2008


Finally, after several weeks of windy weather and sickness, I was able to get out and go birding this weekend. I was SO happy to get out! On 1/23/08, I went to Southwestway Park near my home and walked a trail system that I never knew existed before then. Didn't see much until I got back on the river bank, there I saw a pair of Belted Kingfishers (lifers), Hooded Mergansers, Canada Geese, and Mallard Ducks.

Today 2/24/08, I went birding at Eagle Creek Park with the local birders and was able to add another "lifer" to my list - a Barred Owl, it was spotted earlier by another birder and she later took several of us to the location and it was still there trying to get some rest after a nights work. Anyway, I added two new birds so I would call this a successful weekend. I am now at 39 Indiana Birds and 41 for my lifelist total.

Indiana State Bird

Indiana State Bird
Northern Cardinal