Monday, August 31, 2009

#404, Yellow-crowned Night Heron!

Yellow-crowned Night Heron (picture by J. Velasquez)... Goose Pond FWA!
There is nothing that leaves me more unsettled these days than leaving a bird unidentified. Yesterday, while at Goose Pond, I saw this bird take off from behind some weeds and as it flew away I thought that it was a American Bittern. I had never seen an American Bittern before so I was extremely discouraged that it was too far out for me to add it to my Life list with confidence. I saw the bird again as were were leaving flying back to the same spot I first saw it so I turned back to get another look. As I approached, I scared it off once again and got a look that made me feel sceptical that it was an American Bittern mostly because the bill was pretty thick vs. what my guide was showing for the Bittern. At this point, I decided it was a Night Heron. The next question was, which one. I was not able to take a picture quick enough so I was fortunate that my friend John snapped a few. It was so bright outside, I still could not see the picture well enough to know what type of bird it was. Today, John sent me the picture he had taken to which we both instantly ID'd the bird as Yellow-crowned Night Heron! Very cool! Christmas in August!


Dave Lewis said...

Every once in a while you get a good one! It's been a rough August for birding.

Kelly said...

Wow! Lucky you.....I haven't seen one of these fellows yet.

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