Sunday, August 23, 2009

Snowy Egret, Caspian Terns, and pathetic Digi-scoping!

Snowy Egret... Eagle Creek, Indianapolis, IN. My first in Indiana!

I was able to spend both Saturday and Sunday this weekend doing some birding at our local birding paradise that we are blessed to have here in Indianapolis, IN... Eagle Creek. I was especially excited to come across a very healthy group of shore birds that are beginning to move through town. Since I had to spend most of my time with my eye permanently stuck to my spotting scope, I thought I would try to do some Digi-scoping. Unfortunately, most of my shot didn't turn out. Below are a few of the better.... and obviously I need a lot more practice taking pictures using this method! I can't seem to get the shot as clear as it actually is in the scope? Suggestions are welcome.

Great Egret, Caspian Terns... There was a group of about 30 Caspian Terns present which apparently are common migrants through Indiana. This was my first Indiana sighting of the birds.

Great Egrets, Killdeer, Ring-billed Gull, Caspian Terns

Great Egret, Canada Goose

Belted Kingfisher... One of my favorites! Today I was able to witness this bird catch a fish and beat it to death prior to finally swallowing it whole! Pretty cool sight! Not sure what the fish thought about the situation though?

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Chad, You did GREAT. You are so lucky to have a special place like Eagle Creek to go and look for birds. The Snowy is pretty... AND--I've never seen a kingfisher in person. I love those birds. So DIFFERENT.

Have a great Monday.

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