Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Misc. Nature

It has been so hot lately that it seems as though the bird activity on my last few ventures out has been minimal. Without my eyes stuck to my binoculars, I had the opportunity to take some pictures of some other critters in nature that I often time miss.

Great-spangled Fritillary... Marion, IN

Silver-spotted Skipper... Marion, IN. This milkweed was a hit to many insects.

Water Snake... Marion, IN. I love these snakes. They are the most curious reptiles, always willing to come closer to get a better look at us.

White-breasted Nuthatch... Marion, IN. I was able to see some birds, this is one of only a few that allowed me to take a picture.

Hummingbird Moth... Marion, IN. I could watch these Moths forever. I am always amazed that they are so focused on flowers that you can get almost eye to eye with them before they fly away. This one is loving the milkweed.

Jewel Weed... Indianapolis, IN. One of many beautiful woodland flowers. Very delicate flowers on a very delicate plant. Apparently this plant is also an antidote for Poison Ivy if the leaves are crushed and rubbed on the poison ivy site.


Kelly said...

I love the Hummingbird Moths too!! I can watch them for hours. I didn't know that about the leaves of the Jewel Weed being an antidote for Poison Ivy. That's nice to know!! In your previous post, the hummingbirds are amazing. 20 species!!! Incredible....they are all so varied. The Purple-throated Woodstar is gorgeous.

KID A said...

thanks chad! I have always wondered what those jewel weeds were lol. I love them they are beautiful. Also that is an excellent shot of the hummingbird moth!

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