Sunday, May 23, 2010

Memories from Magee!

Trumpeter Swan with Kiddos!

Have you been to Magee Marsh? If not, I do hope you consider making it a priority place to go, Wow! This was the third time I have been to the area and this time was by far the best! Last fall I had the opportunity to walk the boardwalk in Magee Marsh to witness a ton of migrating birds within arm's length of the path. They were everywhere BUT they were in fall plumage. So a few days ago I had the same excitement (x10) as last fall and now added in a ton of spring plumage and BAM I was in heaven! My son and I were only able to spend 1 1/2 days in the area but the drive was well worth the reward! I was even able to pick up a couple of life birds - Black-billed Cuckoo and Ruddy Turnstone. My son (just starting his list) picked up more than 40 life birds! Below are some photo highlights of the trip for my son and I.

Yellow Warbler... one of the more cooperative Warblers to photograph. They like to hop out in the open in the tangles above the water.

Watersnake... just friendly neighborhood snake. These reptiles were everywhere. Pretty cool to see. I don't think many others on the boardwalk were as impressed with the snakes willingness to stay close to the action.

Canada Warbler... another common site this past weekend.

Magnolia Warbler... as common as House Sparrows in the city. Gorgeous!

My boy... taking a break near the lake to be a 9 year old. He skips rocks at every moment he gets!

Bay-breasted Warbler... hiding his face but the best part is out for all to see. Amazing colors!

Ruddy Turnstone! Lifer... here on the edge of Lake Erie in the presence of a Dunlin and Semi-palmated Sandpiper.

Yellow Warbler on nest... waiting patiently for the big day!

Green Heron... who could ever get tired of watching these slick birds pick off critters near the water's edge?
Common Nighthawk... this was a cool suprise to see. I have never scene one not flying.

Baltimore Oriole... a flash of orange to end the afternoon. Doesn't get any better.

If you want more information on this amazing area click on this link:

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