Thursday, June 3, 2010

Salamonie Reservoir

Memorial Day weekend did not bring much as far as rare or uncommon birds into the view of my binoculars but, as expected, the weekend did bring a good time looking at some very overly dramatic birds... well at least two of them...

House Wren... I love Wren's, I mean, who couldn't? They are always nearby announcing their presence by scolding you for yours. The are cute, eat lots of bugs an are full of attitude. A cool bird!

Killdeer... another bird I think we often take for granite. They are not at all uncommon but go out of their way to make themselves known and when you take the time to look at them they are absolutely gorgeous!

Spotted Sandpiper... the most uncommon bird of the weekend. I had to chase this critter back and forth several times before getting a good enough look to identify. A nice spot!

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Indiana State Bird

Indiana State Bird
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