Sunday, May 9, 2010

Panic Attack?

Had a chance to go birding at a local park today in Mooresville in an effort to figure out some options on my new camera (as you can see it is not coming along very fast) when I came upon a beautiful Eastern Bluebird. Although not in the most natural position, I thought this would be a good bird to photograph. As I was walking toward the bird though, the strangest thing (or behavior) occurred. The Bluebird literally seemed to freak out at our presence!
Eastern Bluebird (crappy picture, I know)... preparing to hop into the grass as Bluebirds commonly do to find food.
Into the grass... as I approached the bird, I thought it was "listening" for food like a Robin would do and then...

Flat on his face! I could not believe it, I thought I literally scared the shit out of this Bluebird and gave it a Heart Attack! It remained in the position for at least 30 seconds.

I continued to approach slowly wondering what the heck happened when it finally lifted its head up, in an obvious daze!

Continuing to snap out of it?

Then it flew back up to its original position on the fence! One of the oddest things I have yet to witness in the bird world! From this point, all seemed to be good. Is this normal Bluebird behavior? Do they act dead? If so, this Bluebird deserves and Oscar for an outstanding performance!


Kelly said...

Sounds and looks like a strange must bring out the best in the birds! :-) I wonder if it was some sort of courtship display?

Paula said...

Indeed! I too would be very concerned for this little fella. I must say, it is nice to have the opportunity to see birds in action even if it is frightful. Great captures on the photos!

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