Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Big Sit! Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis, IN

Red-shouldered Hawk... Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis. This cooperative Hawk was very close to the Big Sit circle allowing for everyone to get a good look at it. My wife took this picture.
This past Sunday (10/11) was the Amos W. Butler Audubon Society's first annual Big Sit. It took place at Eagle Creek Park on the west side of Indianapolis. It was in a great location overlooking the lake and very close to the new Ornithology Center. Participants and visitors got the double treat of looking for birds on the outside and learning about them on the inside. In all, I believe more than 50 species were documented at the Sit!

Me, Lorena, and Ceth

My wife and I took 4 of our 5 children to the Sit for a couple of hours, it was chilly but they didn't seem to care much. They were instantly involved with the event and eager to find a new bird that hadn't been reported.

Me and Serena... checking out the waterfowl on the lake.

Lorena... likely looking at the Canada Geese, American Coots, or Mallards on the lake.

I am very fortunate that 4/5 kids are beginning to love birds as much as I do. It is true that you kids will love what you love. We as parents make a huge impact on our kids... youth in general. They are all so excited to tell me about birds everyday. Whether it be something they saw at the feeder, saw at school, from the car, bus, whatever it may be, they are ready to tell their dad all about it! Nothing could make me happier!

Me, Lorena, and Evan (blue hood)... all very involved with the birds. By my look, this was probably when I was happily staring at either the Gadwalls or Wigeons.

Spider and Prey... this wasn't taken at the Big Sit but I had to include it. As I was taking this picture the Spider was moving all over the place to get away but he would NOT let go of his prize.

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Anonymous said...

The spider was feasting upon a syrphid fly. This beneficial predator fly is also called a hover or flower fly. Great shot!

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