Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ecuador - Heaven on Earth! Part 2

One of the many highlights of our recent trip to Ecuador was the Tanagers. Each species provides more excitement than the previous. We saw Tanagers throughout the trip but they were most plentiful at the San Jorge Tandayapa Lodge in the Cloud Forest. Just about any direction you looked you saw Tanagers - blue, yellow, green, red, everywhere! The lodge provided Bananas throughout the day for the Tanagers - they love Banana seeds. We saw 23 Tanagers species during our trip and unfortunately, like so many pictures I took, most of my Tanagers did not take well. Nonetheless, here are a few of the better pictures.
Scarlet-bellied Mountain Tanager.... Quito. This was the last species of our trip, the day we were leaving. We actually saw several of these as we were hiking high up a hill. This is the best picture I could get but even behind the twigs it's still striking!
Blue-grey Tanager... Tandayapa. These two are working their way down to the Banana feeders that are refilled throughout the day.

Black-capped Tanagers... Tandayapa. In this picture there were about 5 that were in the tree at one time.

Metallic Green Tanager... Tandayapa. Another striking bird, especially in the sunlight where you can instantly see where it got its name!

Golden Tanager... Tandayapa. One of the more common Tanagers during our trip! Gorgeous!

Blue and Yellow Tanager... One of our first birds on the trip - possibly the first Tanager, in Quito.

Blue-winged Mountain Tanager... Tandayapa. This was very common Tanager in the area. Here it is eating the seeds out of a Banana. Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to have Tanagers at your backyard feeders?

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Kelly said...

...what a fantastic really saw a lot and learned even more. I really like the looks of the Blue-grey Tanager (the blue is so soft and the feathers look so smooth).

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