Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

Despite some dispiriting setbacks, this Memorial Day could be summed up as satisfying. As always, a few days away from work can do anyone some good! The big event for me this weekend was our 2nd Annual "Team Walmart" Big Day to raise money for the Amos Butler Audubon Society here in the Indianapolis, IN area. The Birdathon is annual event held to raise funds in support of our native Indiana Birds and their habitat!

Team Walmart!... John, David, Mark, Chad, Ed, Trent, Jenny, and me.
This year we decided to take a road trip vs. staying local like last year. We spent most of the day near Lake Michigan at the Indiana Dunes State Park and then later wrapped up the day at Potato Creek State Park. The good news... we had a good time! The bad news, our species count was disappointingly low considering we spend alot more time birding than we did last year. We ended up with 48 species of birds between the two parks. This included only 2, I repeat 2 Warblers! What the heck? Even better news is that despite our low species count we have thus far raised about $2,500 for our local Audubon Society! We all worked very hard and I am very proud and grateful for my team of participants!
Purple Martins... Van Buren, IN. These are the most beautiful birds! I just learned that they are an adulteress group of birds as well... sneaky little birds!

Osprey... Potato Creek S.P.

Green Tree Frog

I was fortunately able to spend some time with my children this weekend fishing, birding, and playing some baseball. No matter where we are or what we are doing, my children always manage to find a toad or frog - Always! This weekend they caught two Tree Frogs, a Toad, and one Green Frog. I am very thankful my children are so curious with the world that surrounds them... just like their Dad!

American Robin... a bird we some times take for granted. Wouldn't we all be upset if they were gone? I love them, they have such a curious personality.

Jack-in-the-Pulpit. If I had to immediately pick a woodland flower that I would claim as my favorite, this would most likely be what I spout out first! Going back as far as I can remember this was always where my attention would drift if I were out in the woods. What a cool plant!

Ring-billed Gull... one of my favorite picture birds.... they are always around and love to pose.

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