Sunday, December 28, 2008

1 to Go!

I made a brief visit to Eagle Creek Park yesterday, December 27 in search of Cackling Goose and Red-shouldered Hawk.  Although cloudy and somewhat rainy, the temperature was approx. 60 degrees making it feel like spring!

The brief visit turned out to be a half success when a Red-shouldered Hawk flew directly (close) over my head as I was looking at a small flock of Tree and White-throated Sparrows.  Since I am a bit skittish with Hawk I.D. I wasn't yet satisfied that I had seen the bird so I stuck around a bit later and played a CD (loudly) with some Red-shouldered Hawk calls.  It wasn't but a few minutes later that two beautiful Red-shouldered Hawks flew over the treeline.  I got a several more good looks with the calls and was finally satisfied that I had seen the Red-shouldered Hawk!

Unfortunately, no Cackling Geese!  Hopefully today will produce this (or another) needed species.

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Indiana State Bird
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