Saturday, March 10, 2012

IYBC 100 Guide Giveaway!

The Indiana Young Birders Club is on a mission. That is, a mission to get as many kids interested in birds and nature as possible and to provide opportunities for them (and those already interested) once they become interested. It's not an easy task but, we are committed to the challenge.

The IYBC is especially excited about our newest program - the IYBC 100 Guide Giveaway! Yes, you read correct. The IYBC is giving away 100 Kaufman Field Guides to Birds of North America in 2012 to young birders/ nature lovers, scout leaders, and educators in an effort to introduce them and others to the world of birds or sharpen their current skills to become better birders.

Guides will be given away at IYBC/ IAS events, through online contests, and by applying online. However the guide is won, each guide will be free of charge. The only thing the IYBC is asking in return is a picture of the winner with their guide and permission to share the photograph to help spread the enthusiasm of youth birding.

Ceth doing his research

Of course, a program like this would not be possible without support. The IYBC is extremely thankful for the generosity of the Indiana Audubon Society, Ohio Ornithological Society, Midwest Birding Symposium, and Kenn and Kim Kaufman for making our initiative possible.

For more information on the 100 Guide Giveaway, please visit:

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