Monday, January 25, 2010

IAS Meeting at Turkey Run State Park!

Gorgeous scenery at the park. This is directly behind the lodge. Awesome!
Last Saturday and Sunday (23/ 24) the Indiana Audubon Society, Inc. has their annual board meeting at Turkey Run State Park in Marshall, IN. It was my first board meeting since joining the board and WOW was it a great time. We have some fantastic board members and with the leadership of Amy, our president, we really got some things accomplished! There are a ton of great things going on in the IAS (the oldest conservation organization in the state) including... the Indiana Young Birders Club, Field Trips, Events... the list goes on and on!
I would recommend that anyone who loves birds in the State of Indiana (or anywhere) check us out at and become involved in something great!

Blue Jay... I love this bird!

Hairy Woodpecker... just a cool bird.
Don't forget to check us out!

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wilmsab said...

It was a great meeting because of our wonderful BOD coming together to do great things about birding in Indiana. You are one of the strongest advocates for youth birders in our state. Keep up the great work be ause you are supported!

Indiana State Bird

Indiana State Bird
Northern Cardinal