Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring is in the Air!

Common Grackle... Indianapolis, IN.  I took this picture last week.  It seems only yesterday that the Grackles were heading south and here they are again (well, 1 anyway).  Not sure if this one is coming or going but it was nice to see him.  I actually enjoy Grackles and have learned that they love peanuts in the shell!

By this time tomorrow I will have been in Orlando, FL for almost 10 hours!  Sadly, I won't be starting my trip off birding but will be spending most of the week attending meetings for work.  However, I have extended my trip for a couple of days and beginning this upcoming Thursday, I will be heading southward to the Merritt Island area in search of the Florida Scrub Jay and many other birds I have yet to see.  I just looked at the weather for Orlando and the extended forecast is showing Friday and Saturday to be sunny with a temperature around 80 degrees!  I can't wait!  Today, in Indianapolis, it was 31 degrees!

I am happy to report that I picked up a lifer today at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis - White-winged Scoter.  Another highlight was  a single Horned Grebe.  Snow Geese and Wilson's Snipe were also reported but I had no luck finding them.  My new World Life List is 261!

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Indiana State Bird
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