Sunday, November 16, 2008

Aviphilia - A Birding Condition!

I just finished reading an article today in the November/ December 08 issue of “Birding” that finally gave a name to my growing condition and my inability to stop watching birds – Aviphilia!  Yes, it is crystal clear, I am an Aviphile. 

In his article, Randy  Horvarth had the epiphany of this condition as he is trying to bridge the difference between “Birders” and “Birdwatchers”, two terms that are yet to be conclusively defined and are defined differently by many throughout the birding community.  Most agree that “Birdwatchers” are those that enjoy birds mostly from an aesthetic point of view.  “Birders” are those that have taken the love of finding birds to greater lengths. 

Birders are willing to travel to find specific species of birds and are typically willing to spend absurd amounts of money in doing so.  In my case, a birding trip will always come before new furniture or an LCD TV.  Birders typically are more involved with listing birds and are more actively focused on protecting and learning about the birds that they seek.  Birding becomes not only a hobby but a sport that typically evolves into an obsession.  The game of listing never ends because once you have documented a bird for the first time than you begin to document more specifics on the bird such as the first time you saw it in 2008, 2009, etc.

Nonetheless, whether you are a “Birder” or a “Birdwatcher” there is a condition that bridges these two together.  Aviphilia.  A deep love for birds!

More about the condition of Aviphila and the obsessive behavior of a Birder to come in future entries.


Rusty said...

Someone should start a 12 step program.

Theresa said...

Why start a 12 step program? I don't want to be cured. I love bird watching. Theresa

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Indiana State Bird
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